Casper a la mode

September 23 – November 4, 2023

Presented with Bel Ami, LA

Page heads to the west coast with Bel Ami, presenting the debut exhibition by Agnes Scherer in Los Angeles. For this collaboration, Agnes has created a series of works on paper, each made up of collaged and cut out layers of drawings in graphite, colored pencil, and ink pen. A kite sculpture framing a reclining figure has touched down in the middle of the gallery.

These wild assemblages were made by Agnes during a summer stay in California. Her circus-like productions do not always require the logistics of bulky wooden crates. On this trip, Agnes relies on quick wit, ingenuity, and some well-organized colored pencils packed along for the ride. The special effects of her surfaces achieve the thinness of the paper itself—something even more subtle and simpler could not exist.

Agnes’ pencil marks run back and forth like raindrops dotting a windshield with the occasional crab scurrying across the glass (it's been raining here in LA lately). Disturbed limbs and wandering faces drift around the page through windows as if bottled up. Paths of lattice networks appear as bars of a cage, but also playful structures, like a gymnastic springboard in a leap! These poor fools mixed and twisted together, seemingly happy and relaxed as their discombobulated heads float around unbothered, even in the presence of malevolent harlequins.

The figures enclosed in these minds do not feel particularly constrained, especially the sirens, who seem to swim around any perceivable obstacle in sight. Jumping into clouds to catch her kite, Agnes makes one contemplate the ecstasy and terror in the heights of events and places that make life worth living. Agnes sees her spectacle through the flesh, less concerned with the stillness of tangible matters in the world, but rather intent on capturing amazing auras arising from subconscious energies, who occasionally wear new trainers or flashy track pants.

—Lucas Page and Patrick Keville