Boxing Glove

September 30 – November 4, 2023

Page is pleased to present Machteld Rullens, the New York debut of the The Hague-based artist. With equal parts attention to form, color, and economy—big or small—Machteld makes it look easy. This is what synergy looks like! Familiar, relatable, and original—usually not common bedfellows.

Machteld’s latest body of work blurs the boundaries of dimensional form and Greenbergian flatness, collapsing and folding cardboard configurations into painterly wall works. Stacked, riveted, and coated with pigmented resin, these objects are sometimes reminiscent of the leaky hull of a tanker or cobbled-together like an improvised repair job.

In this series, there is a slow shift away from manicured rectilinear order into scrap yard abstraction. The synthetic luster transcends the familiar cardboard material into unearthly perfected forms. Ranging from playful spontaneity to methodical engineering, Machteld maintains a relatability while pushing limits, always thinking outside the box.

—Lucas Page and Patrick Keville