May 21 – June 26, 2022

Page is pleased to present Ravi Jackson and Marisa Takal, a two person exhibition from the west coast. The LA locals mirror the city's interplay between a quixotic external surface in tension with its networked interior. Ravi’s work is immediate, playing fast and loose with print era cutouts, moving paint around layered panels. Hardware and accessories are screwed in with a handyman quickness. The shipping pallet is also an artist palette with a grace emerging through haste. Marisa’s work is a record of an inward contemplative space both long lost and deep in the future. Nuanced mental maps form fleeting images of stripes, stairs, pigs, and tangled lines. Transmissions via germination and fuzzy signals emit a spiritual expression of everyday life. This symbiotic exchange of painterly approaches melds two different halves of the same coin.

—Lucas Page and Patrick Keville