Installation view, Victoria Colmegna, Superficial, PAGE (NYC), 2023



November 18 – December 23, 2023


Page is pleased to present Victoria Colmegna, the inaugural NYC show of the artist hailing from Argentina. Victoria’s technicolor self-portraits collide retail therapy, New Age self-diagnosis, and a personal style that brings new meanings to pop psychology. Pulling from her bookshelf and off the vintage rack, Victoria scans her wardrobe and sometimes lingerie to construct high res collages. The artist sacrifices her own clothing, realizing such ephemera into scattered assemblages. Adorned on the surface are the remains of her sentimental paraphernalia that create a tension between the memory of the thing and the object itself.

Victoria’s portraiture swaps out faces with books, the diaries of self-diagnosis resting on clothing. Reflecting what typically lies around on her bed or table top, the artist produces collages into home remedies, desperate for a cure. Victoria’s personal effects evolve beyond the utility of her authentic self into the symbols of an artistic persona. Through this fast and easy scanning, a metamorphosis occurs in the clothing she used to wear and a stash of self-help books, now part of a new profilicity. Bringing a book to the beach is a great way to pass the time, but matching the cover with your bikini is more fun!

—Lucas Page and Patrick Keville